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pipeline photoThe recently enacted Pipeline Safety Act requires pipelines in the United States to be internally inspected every five years. Pipeline companies are on an aggressive schedule to meet this mandate and are removing their pipelines from service for testing. In many cases, the product must be removed and the line purged so welding and repairs can be executed. Vacuum trucks used to remove gasoline, crude oil or other high vapor pressure liquids from pipelines and tanks emit an exhaust that can be explosive if brought into contact with an ignition source.

The EPA and regional air districts view these operations as a large source of emissions that should be eliminated. Historically, pipelines have not been regulated for emissions since they are not typically located at a facility that generates substantial amounts of emissions. However, regional air districts and the EPA are now focusing on the fact that pipeline repairs are frequently performed in densely populated areas. (Many residential neighborhoods, for example, include signs noting the presence of underground pipelines.) Regulators have also recognized that many companies route pipeline vapors through vacuum trucks to avoid emission regulations, since vacuum trucks are considered “mobile sources” that fall outside the jurisdiction of regional air districts.

Vacuum Truck Vapor Control Systems

All Green Tek Industrial Solutions systems are 99.9+% efficient - easily achieving the Benzene NESHAP standards. Our systems are constructed with the Best Available Control Technology (BACT). All systems have been HazOp'd and MOC'd.

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Green Tek Industrial Solutions provides a variety of permitted systems including liquid scrubbers and carbon scrubbers for pipeline and vacuum-truck vapor controls.
Our systems feature state-of-the-art components and every possible safety enhancement.

MSS Compliance

Ask our experts about our Maintenance Start-up and Shut Down (MSS) Compliance Program for refinery reporting.

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